Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey Gingie!

How much do I love Gingerbread???? Well a lot! Growing up it was a special treat made by my mother at Christmas time, but as an adult I realized that it is a staple cookie throughout the year to other countries. Gingerbread which was first brought to Europe around 992 by an Armenian monk named Gregory of Nicopolis, had by the 13th century made its way to Sweden via German immigrants where Nuns from the Vadstena Abbey began baking it to aid with digestion (probably needed on account of all that sparse abbey food!). From there its popularity grew and Gingerbread evolved over time into what we know today.

 The Grimm's Cookies Gingerbread isn't quite Medieval but more what a German of the 1800's would recognize. Perhaps even what Queen Victoria, her husband Albert and their brood of children would have enjoyed. It's dense and spicy more so then what most Americans are use to. Now that I make it year round I stick to simple Gingerbread bites that I dubbed Gingies. Thanksgiving through Christmas I bake Gingerbread Men and Ladies as well as Gingerbread Houses with all the trimmings.Anytime of year it's a treat!

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